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Our Process

From Concept to Appruv’l

Our team of design & building permit experts have established a proprietary residential and commercial design experience to specifically cater to your needs. By including our clients in every step of our iterative design process, we bring your dream to reality through sketching and drafting to 3D photo-realistic renderings.

Onboarding1-2 Weeks

At your free on-site consultation, our experts will establish project feasibility based on your property to develop an affordable construction budget.

Did you know that California building code changes every year? Each municipality may change their own building up to once a month!

Discovery & Site Measurement2-3 Weeks

We will perform all research on existing permits, zoning, and drawings on-file to establish your turn-key design process. Our team will produce floor plans of your existing home & verify any provided drawings.

Did you know that hiring a drafting firm can save you up to 50% on design fees and 2-6 months vs the typical residential design firm?

Schematic Design2-3 Weeks

Each project undergoes three comprehensive schematic design reviews. We will iron out all of the kinks for you and assure we bring your dream to reality.

Code & Energy Compliance2-3 Weeks

Your project will be taken through our proprietary compliance review by our building code experts in office and at Planning & Development Services (PDS) to assure our due diligence is complete.

Our proprietary process also involves bringing in an electrician and electrical engineer to provide California’s mandatory energy calculations, including Title 24, HERS Cert., CalGreen Cert., etc.

Did you know that beginning January 1, 2020, every detached accessory dwelling unit and new residential construction requires Californians to be 100% “carbon neutral”? Solar it is!

Engineering2-3 Weeks

All projects are sent over on your behalf to the required engineers for supporting submission documents for liability purposes including structural, civil, septic, etc.

Permit Submission & Corrections2-3 Weeks

Our permit managers will walk you through our hands-free permit submission process and cut through all of the unnecessary red tape on your behalf.

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