New To WFH? How To Create a Home Office

September 15, 2021

Work from home opportunities are expected to extend at least into the next year, and having a dedicated space in your home for your work is ideal. But, what if you don't already have a room dedicated to a home office? Follow along as we show you how to create a home office space by converting existing areas in your home and maximizing their potential usage.

Smaller Spaces

A closet is one of the best options for setting up a home office by repurposing a space. You can easily convert a closet with a few simple steps. To turn your closet into a home office or a 'cloffice,' consider adding storage, a desk, and seating.

Adding shelving inside the closet keeps your work items easily reachable and organized. Some people opt for desks that can be mobile, while others prefer custom built-ins.

Add your choice of ergonomic seating that supports your back, and you'll have an ideal set-up. For privacy, Design Appruv can also install doors that will close it all away for the weekend so that paperwork isn't a constant reminder.

Larger Spaces

Creating a home office with larger spaces is not quite as challenging. Repurposing a loft or an extra bedroom can be a much simpler task than creating space from little to none.

Additional dwelling units can be an ideal home office because it's like you're leaving for work while staying at home. You can discuss these at-home office ideas for remodeling an entire room or space with the specialists at Design Appruv.

Remodel Considerations

When redesigning an entire larger space for a functional office, keep these crucial considerations in mind:

  • Lighting: Make sure your new office either has plenty of natural light or the capability for light installation. Well-lit areas help keep you focused and alert. Slipping from work mode to home mode can be dangerous for productivity. Good lighting can help you stay on task.
  • Flow: Talk to the designers at Design Appruv about your desired flow. Think about workspaces that you have been in before. Were there aspects of the design that made productivity easier? Were you able to access everything you needed within an arm's length? You should be able to do that and, if not, you should have a clear pathway to do so.
  • Noise: Consider your home life. Maybe don't station yourself on the opposite wall from the living room television. Exercisers in the home? Fitness is great, but not when you're trying to meet a deadline at work in the next room.
  • Access: Easy access to food, water, restroom facilities, and a strong internet connection is vital to productivity. Therefore, try to station your office space in an area where all necessities are easily accessible.

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