Commercial Building Design Trends to Watch Out For

February 28, 2021

How has the pandemic reshaped commercial building design and how will future commercial projects look like? Here are some design trends to expect in 2021 and beyond.

Reconsidering Office Design & Structure

When it comes to offices, just how many people will return to offices remains to be seen as vaccinations continue. There are companies that have seen their employees remain productive even while at home, while there are many who are also eager to get back to the structure that an office provides. The opportunity is ripe for startups and new businesses to design their office spaces to feel even more relaxed and account for the precaution that pandemics require.

For companies who offer splitting time between the office and working from home, office space designers will need to consider that as well. Well-designed spaces will be needed for virtual or hybrid conferences to accommodate the necessary technology and infrastructure requirements. The whole idea of having an office has been questioned because of the virus—lease terms had to be renegotiated or suddenly the office is not as essential as it used to be. Coworking spaces remain a viable option for those seeking a less permanent building, with rooms and spaces flexible enough to fill in the needs of remote workers. These coworking facilities offer an attractive alternative to the monotony of working at home.

Zero Net Energy Buildings

With growing consciousness and concern for the environment, builders and designers are also offering sustainable options. Eco-friendly commercial buildings are on the rise, from buildings geared towards being zero net energy (where the total amount of energy consumed is commensurate to the renewable energy the building generates), having more efficient waste management, and a generally bioclimatic approach.

Increased Outdoor Spaces

Restaurants and other similar establishments have had to create makeshift outdoor areas to serve customers. For businesses that do have patios and outdoor spaces, there was a need to ensure there is good airflow with a layout that enforces social distancing. While keeping 6 feet apart may not be the norm long-term, commercial buildings still need to adapt to the changing seasons.

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